Saturday, 5 January 2013


The year that taught me more than teachers did at school.

Google, Wikipedia, Stack Overflow, personal blogs and so many more stood there and kept feeding me each day. This year onwards, I'll make an attempt to do the same and share back some information that might be of some value to some people. I foresee a new era, a span in time of mankind that grew up in a so little time and none is able to predict its future value in detail. However, in a world full of online services, code, clouds of data and a starving community of individuals for knowledge, growth and fun, I can't think of something more interesting real soon. I only wonder, who takes a second to picture this and appreciate the humans behind the amount of the available information around us.

Don't count on your search skills only. It's the people behind this magic and if you want this to see it grow, consider sharing some of your love today. The culture of our breed.

Let’s make 2013 amazing.

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